Electron beam spraying systems

Full name of the equipment: MEB-400 and MB-550.

The units are designed for spraying thin metal films, including those made of various metals without vacuum rupture, by electron beam spraying. Additionally, the MEB-500 installation has the ability to spray at different angles, in-situ oxidation in the chamber, and cleaning (etching) with ions.

Evaporation thickness control, automatic control, substrate thickness adjustment.

Maximum vacuum (mmHg)10-710-8
Number (volume) of cells in the evaporator6 (7ccm)6(15 ccm)+2(7ccm)
Substrate Temperature (Co)up to 150up to 700
MetalsAl, Nb, Ti, Co, PtAl, Nb, Ti
Additional processesoxidation, Ar etching, spraying at an arbitrary angle.

The main directions of research conducted using the device:
The installations are mainly used to create superconducting nanoelectronics devices, create contacts and electrodes for microscopic samples, labels, tunnel junctions from Al2O3. As a rule, spraying is carried out through shadow stencil masks or masks made of photo/electronic resist.


Additional information:
Superconducting nanoelectronics involves the creation of devices of submicron sizes, on a single chip. To create such devices, one of the most important elements is the Josephson transition. The proven and best controlled method of manufacturing such a transition is the acidification of aluminum with further spraying of the next layer of metal without breaking the vacuum. To combine such a transition with planar technology, it is necessary to rotate the sample in a vacuum, as well as the possibility of ion surface treatment. All these features are combined by the MEB550 installation from the world leader — the French company Plassys. Working with high-quality superconducting metals: Nb, Al and Ti closes the possibilities of spraying many other materials in the same installation, for example, fusible or magnetic. Therefore, we have several spraying plants for different metals.

Responsible person: Kuntsevich Alexander Yurievich +7(499)1326822; alexkun@lebedev.ru